Strange Russian Corruption

There is a land that is far, far away in some distant place on this planet where the laws of nonsense govern its people. Alexi Navalny once was a member of the Union of Rights Forces, but the party was dissolved and transformed into a protest movement. However, the government of Russia is now charging him with fraud and embezzlement of funds from the non-existent party that he used for his own purposes. Somehow, he obtained money from this party in order to provide, “services” but there is no documentation from the non-existent party that he provided those services.

Let me see, there is a non-existent party, the so called, “victim” of this so-called “embezzlement” has never filed a complaint, and there is a criminal who is charged with a non-existent crime. Only in Putinland could there be such “crimes.” God Bless Vladimir Putin for enabling people on this planet to go to  jail for embezzlement-no complaint, no evidence, no crime….