Strange Ways Of A Russian Election!

The people of Russia have an extraordinary opportunity to actually engage in an electoral process, but the manner of this so-called free election raise many questions. Deimitry Medvedev, chosen successor of President Vladmir Putin, enjoys constant publicity and literally unlimited access to the media. The benevolent leader, Putin, wants to ensure his protege has no last minute problems when people enter a polling booth so each and every voter will be provided access to a large placard which indicates the income of candidates and which ones did not reveal their actual income. Take a guess as to which of the four comes out clean as a whistle? Yes, Mr. Medvedev. Other candidates will be branded as having not told the truth about their income. For example, Gennady Zyuganov will be portrayed as receiving a gift from a group but there is no mention of this donation on his reported income. According to Zyuganov, he received a medal and certificate from an organization for his work with orphanages, the cost of the medal is the source of the “unreported income.” I guess the cost of the certificate is not counted– or is it?

Welcome to the world of Vladmir Putin who wants everything neat and clean and, above all, his man must win and win big.