Strangeness Of Humans Continues

Every so often one encounters a story about human behavior which leaves one wondering how we cro-magnons ever advanced this far in our development. MERS is a deadly disease and the World Health Organization has issued warnings about how it infects people. At this moment, there is evidence that Camels carry the virus. There are 571 confirmed cases of MERS and 171 people are dead from the disease. About 500 cases have been confirmed in Saudi Arabia. Of course, for the people of this nation, drinking camel milk or eating camel steaks is a common practice. But, recently, pictures have appeared on the Internet of Saudi men kissing camels, and one even is seen telling his camel to “sneeze on me.”

I sometimes wonder if the madness of Republicans who deny global changes, who scoff at “science” has unleashed a global madness of denying reality. Saudi people continue drinking unpasturized camel milk along with their camel steaks. I await a Koch Brothers campaign in Saudi Arabia that will urge people to sleep and have sex with camels!!