Strauss Kahn Ain’t Calm, Nor Are Republicans

Dominique Strauss-Kahn is a powerful man, both physically and monetarily since he runs the International Monetary Fund. He is a man who is accustomed to have people bend down to his will, male or female, that is. His native France is shocked at pictures of a political figure in handcuffs, unshaven and being subjected to photographers and reporters firing away at him. Since when do the powerful of the fair land of la France get subjected to such proletarian assaults? In the beautiful land far across the Atlantic Ocean, the rich and powerful fuck, rape, and assault their monetary inferiors without fear of anything other than throwing them a few francs. OK, he made an advance on a woman, but how dare this MAID enter HIS room unannounced and discover him in the nude! SHE instigated the attack. As men know, being in the water makes one’s penis get somewhat larger, and it was upright when she came upon his weapon of power. What else could any honorable Frenchman do, but use his unleashed weapon?

Of course, Republicans are besides themselves with joy at news that a SOCIALIST leader attempted rape. It is simply further proof that electing liberal Socialist Communist Nazis leads invariably to destroying Family Values. At least, moral Republicans only have quiet affairs with decent women, usually those who are married. In this way, the maintain Family Values since the end result is swapping one wife for another wife. The important issue is maintaining family structure.