Strauss Kahn Can’t Escape

Dominique Strauss Kahn(DSK) is a powerful man who used to head the International Monetary Fund and was considered a strong candidate to become president of his nation. The weird events surrounding his encounter with a maid at a New York City hotel are still being debated although it appears likely the District Attorney will drop rape charges. DSK was all smiles yesterday but a report from France suggests he might prefer remaining in America rather than returning to his love lives in France. The very attractive author, Tristan Banon has indicated she might file rape charges stemming from an encounter with the virile man who tried to unbutton her jeans while ripping off her bra. At the time, she decided not to create a “scene” and remained quiet. However, events in New York aroused her desire for action.

Although one spending a year in France, this blogger admits not to be in the class of French lovers. DSK has power, he has money, he has important friends. For some reason, left wingers who support Palestinian rights simply do not care one bit for the rights of women. I suspect if Ms. Banon went ahead with her charges, DSK would never see the inside of a jail.