Strauss-Kahn Conned By Police

These are not days of wine and roses for Dominique Strauss-Kahn since just about everyone wants to discuss topics concerning his relations with females who happen to wander into his presence. French police questioned the former candidate for president of France about claims he tried to rape someone in 2003. French writer, Tristane Banon says during an interview with the great man in 2003 he tried to get inside her blouse and his hands wandered around her body. The statute of limitations in France expires after three years so the police can only talk with the great man, but can not charge him with any crime.

This blog has received unconfirmed reports that Tristane Banon–if that really is her name– is an illegal immigrant into France whose ancestors arrived over a thousand years ago. We can only wonder if her charges will result in another Dreyfus Case in which an innocent Jew was smeared by right wing anti-semites.

Dominique enjoys women. OK, so not all women enjoy Dominique. But, what is so wrong about attempting to  have sex with a woman if her eyes told you to proceed? Dominique is simply another wealthy man who is being assaulted because he enjoys money and power!