I was raised in an east European Jewish Socialist working class neighborhood where most of our parents lacked any formal education. Thus we gathered street corner wisdom. Some, I retain, other parts of this “wisdom” have been discarded.


Someone pisses into the orange drink at Nedicks hot dog stand. Beware.

Never pet a wild dog.

Be polite to strangers, you never know.

Always bet on the New York Yankees, Notre Dame Football team or Joe Louis if you want to win a bet.

You must hitch hike across America in order to become a man.

You get brownie points if you wind up in jail during the hitch hike.

Jews are smarter than anyone.

Negroes are shit on just like us.

Never bend your knees before God. Stand up straight like a man, he is God for God’s sake!

As Big Al always said: “You still need a nickel to ride the subway even if you have a college degree.” Wise words.