Strike First-Israel Choice

The government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is upset at the Obama administration for failing to support its efforts to create war and instability in the Middle East. Israel officials admit their government will NOT ask permission or even inform the US government if the decision is made to launch air attacks on Iranian nuclear facilities. Israel leaders either don’t want the US to be blamed for their folly or they do not wish to listen to further advice concerning Iran and nnuclear weapons. US military leaders oppose such attacks as does the entire Obama administration.

Bibi Netanyahu is frustrated.  There is no indication of support from the White House, US military leaders, or US security officials for attacks on Iranian facilities. Secretary of State Clinton and President Obama wish to continue economic sanctions. US Intelligence officials have not found any evidence that Iran will immediately develop nuclear weapons. But, Bibi  is adamant. After all, his policies transformed a close alliance with Turkey into an angry conflict and he  has antagonized the Palestinian Authority.

Well, when one like Bibi is being ordered by God to behave like a bull in a china shop, what can one expect??