Strikes Jail People In Jails

The one daily certainty in the United States of America is that thousands of men and women will be fighting today for their human dignity while residing  in a jail some place in this promised land. A hundred years ago those interested in finding examples of modern approaches came to the United States of America. Today, the last place to visit in search of intelligent approaches to working with criminals in order to assist their efforts to end crime would NEVER visit America. The last place they would go is to the California prison system. It is overcrowded, under staffed, and lacks facilities to aid prisoners end crime. Today, over 30,000 inmates in 33 California jails are on a hunger strike in order to get this dysfunctional system working.

It is estimated that on any day about 12,000 prisoners are in solitary confinement and some have been for years. Lawyers claim the California prison system is lowering temperatures to freeze inmates and banning lawyers from seeing their clients.

Step one to end this madness is ending the idea that use of drugs is a criminal act. A few decades ago, gambling was made legal which resulted in hundreds of thousands who were no longer criminals. Decriminalize drugs and release those who have not committed acts of violence. Restore sanity to California.