Students Pay For Iraq War

I was born at the beginning of the great Depression of the 1930s when there was three times the level of unemployment as currently found in America or England. However, despite greater poverty, there were four FREE COLLEGES in New York City and free colleges in most large cities. Switch to England, 2010, and the government informed students tuition would double and there would be cuts in university spending. Of course, similar rises in tuition are occurring in the United States. British students are furious and over 50,000 took to the streets of London shouting their anger at this government assault on their lives. Some students stormed a Conservative headquarters and trashed the lobby, but the important message being sent was concern on the part of students as to why their generation must pay for the mistakes of the past. As Aaron Porter of the National Union of Students noted; “we’re in the fight of our lives. We face an unprecedented attack on our future before it has even begun.”

Prime Minister David Cameron defends tuition hikes on the ground students should pay for their education. However, did he ever consider dramatic increases in taxes on the wealthy? Did he ever consider making banks and financial institutions which help create the current economic disaster pay for their mistakes? Of course not, under no conditions can we damage the psyche of financial leaders because if they are frightened, they will stop working and the economy will collapse. How about a special tax for education?