Stupid Rape Comments-Again!

There appears to be a propensity for government leaders to offer their wisdom concerning the act of rape. Naturally, these comments emanate from those of the male persuasion. Daming Sunsi was being questioned by a Supreme Court committee to ascertain his qualifications to become a judge when he decided to educate them about the nature of rape. He had been asked to state an opinion if a case came up dealing with a rapist and he responded that one must be careful because “in a rape case both the rapist and the victim enjoyed it.”

The initial reaction was laughter on the part of judges and then common sense entered their minds resulting in making clear Sunsi  should seek elsewhere for employment in the judiciary. Oh, his daughters told Sunsi  they were furious and really did not appreciate having him as a father.

How about shoving a broom handle up the rear end of Sunsi so he can enjoy the experience?