Stupidity And Ignorance Reigns In Switzerland

Every so often we on planet Earth display an attitude about those who differ from ourselves which can only be described as stupidity running amok. There are 210 mosques in the nation of Switzerland which cater to about a hundred thousand or so Muslims and between these mosques only four have minarets. Minarets are build next to a mosque to allow the call for prayer service. Sorry, voters in Switzerland, the minaret is simply a place from which people are urged to pray, it is not a terrorist hideout from which people are sent to kill and maim the innocent. I am a simple man, but am baffled why anyone would become upset at those seeking religious observance to carry out the requirements of their religion. The unknown factor in the Swiss vote is why did about 57% of voters regard a minaret as a problem. One can only assume they were ignorant as to its purpose in the Muslim religion.

The minaret ban should also serve as a lesson to Muslims in nations like Saudi Arabia which deny those who are not of the Muslim faith of a chance to conduct their own religious services. When will we humans simply accept the right of all humans to practice their religion? I have a hunch that is what God would desire.