Sub-Sahara Next On Rebellion Agenda?

At present, nations which border on the Mediterranean Sea or those in close proximity have been the center of protests demanding an end to long term rule by a leader. First, Tunisia forced its president to leave, then Egypt asked Mubarak to vacate the palace and there are similar demands in Jordan, Yemen, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. One is left wondering if sub-Sahara nations will soon join in the clamor for an end to one party rule. The Ivory Coast is currently the scene of a stand off between African Union nations which want the man who won the last election to assume leadership while incumbent President Gabagbo refuses to leave. South Sudan has broken free from the nation of Sudan, but waiting in the wings are nations like Zimbabwe or the Congo or Uganda or even Kenya. In each of these nations there are serious issues concerning the extent of democracy that is allowed.

Of course, the sub-Sahara now poses problems for Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. She already has made clear her disgust with President Robert Mugabe, the thug currently in charge of Zimbabwe, but her efforts to protect democratic forces have not been very successful. Standing off in the distance is the African Union, which can posture defiance when it comes to former colonial powers, but when the issue is a home grown African despot, silence reigns.

Question: Does the US have a role to play in the sub-Sahara on issues concerning democracy?