Subhuman Terrorists?

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gave another stirring speech in which he denounced “subhuman terrorists” as the cause of problems in the Middle East. He was presiding over the death of an Israel child who was hit by a stone leading to her death. Bibi used the death of an innocent child to ramble on about “the terror of stones thrown in an ambush joins the terror of petrol bombs, the terror of knives, the terror of shots and missiles and explosive devises, car bombs and suicide attacks.” Death by any means is still death. The death of the innocent is a reminder to all that death can be avoided by working for peace.

Unfortunately, it is humans, not subhumans who are responsible for death of people on this planet. Nazi Germany was composed of intelligent, well educated people, not  subhumans and they did not bother with casting stones. Sorry Bibi, the enemy of Israelis is not subhumans, it is humans, just like yourself!