An incessant argument by conservatives is that America is an “exceptional nation.” The concept of American “exceptionality” has run through our history, but it was used to support the idea that America was a beacon of liberty in a world that knew only monarchies and dictatorships. George Bush unleashed the dogs of war in 2003 due to WMD which never existed, but he claimed posed a threat to American “security.” Conservatives so enjoy throwing around the word, “security” until, of course, Democratic presidents have to clean up their mess caused by “security.” Ironically, even as Bush sent our armed forces into Iraq, a much greater human calamity was occurring in the Sudan where forces of the government were raping, murdering and destroying villages of thousands of people. South Sudan is supposed to become an independent country next month, but the Sudan army and their mercenary allies are already killing and raping at will in the mountains of Nuba.

The UN has finally persuaded Sudan to halt its offense against thousands of innocent people. As a UN official noted: “you’re going to have massive destruction and death in central Sudan” due to actions of the Sudan government. Western nations intervened in Libya, but, then again, Libya has oil.