Sudan, Another Problem?

Another day, another conflict in Africa, another day, another outburst from Iranian President Ahmadinejad about something that Israel did or did not do. Iranian warships arrived in Port Sudan to convey support for the government of Sudan which is engaged in a conflict with  the new nation of Sudan. Iran charged that Israel–having nothing better to do–bombed an arms factory in Sudan. Israel has forged military and economic links with the new nation of Christian Sudan. Israel is charged with sending 8 jet fighter planes to bomb the factory.

Of course, given the world of the Middle East it is not beyond belief to accept the Iranian charge. After all, with Bibi Netanyahu leading Israel one can never underestimate his capacity to commit an act of aggression in order to “save Israel” from something.  A Palestinian farmer is raising figs which means Jewish settlers have the right to destroy the figs before they  are sold to support Hamas terrorists.

Welcome to the world of the Middle East where anything is possible.