Sudan Dictator Proves He Is A War Criminal!

Sudan President Omar al-Bashir insists he is not a war criminal and the recent action by the International Criminal Court which issued a warrant for his address is unfair and illegal. Even as the war criminal claimed he was not one, his government expelled 13 agencies from Darfur which had been administering aid to starving people. In other words, only a war criminal would allow thousands of people to do without food and medical aid because he is angry at the West. About 4.7 million people rely on food, medical or water aid in Darfur, including 2.7 million who have been displaced by the fighting. The expelled organizations carry out at least 50 percent of the relief work. The Dutch section of Medecins sans Frontieres complained, “these are lives at risk; without medical treatment people are going to die. It’s absurd that we cannot treat people because of politics.”

Thousands of relief workers will be forced to leave Darfur which means local people can handle the situation for a few weeks but after that, the lives of millions will be at risk. Aid officials are furious because government sources insisted even with the issuance of a warrant they would still be allowed to help people. The expulsion of aid workers simply proves once again to the world that Omar al-Bashir is a war criminal and a vicious individuial.