Sudan Forces Build Up In Darfur

Sudanese troops who are accused of killing more than 30 people in a raid on a Darfur camp have begun to build up their position outside of the camp. Darfurians fear another attack will continue the killing process that invariably is followed by Sudan forces. African Union troops have been alerted by villagers and are attempting to station themselves near the village. A total of 32 camp residents in the camp were killed, including seven children, when Sudan troops entered and began shooting. Naturally, the Sudan government claims their troops were fired on by “bandits” and simply returned the fire. It is not clear whether the seven dead children were part of the “bandit group.”

This is merely one more “unimportant” incident in which several people died because the Sudan government continues its brutal policies. The incident will shortly be forgotten, the dead buried, and Sudan troops will continue killing innocent people. American political leaders might shout, “we are all Georgians,” but, so far, no one has shouted, “we are all Darfurians.”