Sudan Hangs Rebels Not Muderers

The government of Sudan hung another 11 men who participated in a raid on the capital. The men who came from Darfur were judged guilty of trying to overthrow the government. The rebels are members of the Darfur Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) which charges that Sudan is guilty of murdering people in Darfur and forcing millions to flee for their lives. It has refused to hold any peace talks until progress is made in dealing with violence against the people of Darfur.

It is interesting that Sudan hangs people who kill. It is also interesting that none of those who kill are engaged in the business of killing the people of Darfur and raping their women. For some reason, if you kill a person in Darfur, that is violence, but if a person from Darfur kills a Sudanese that is murder. It all comes down to perspective. In the end, the people of Darfur suffer from oppression and no one will speak up for them at the UN conference on racism.