Sudan Leader Bashir And Politics Of Denial

The ability of leaders to deny reality is all too common, particularly when the reality consists of killing over 300,000 people, driving millions to flee for their lives and leaving thousands of women brutalized by rape. However, according to President Bashir of Sudan, none of this ever happened on his watch. “I challenge anybody to bring me evidence that proves the Sudan armed forces attacked and killed citizens in Darfur.” I assume a visit to any refugee camp would provide the Sudan leader with evidence from people who witnessed their families being killed and women being raped by members of the Janjaweed who enjoyed their attacks on innocent civilians. What exactly does the Sudan president think about the millions of refugees who have fled the country? Is it his assumption, they left on a vacation?

The best defense for Bashir is to go on the offense and claim “what happened in Darfur was an insurgency. The state has the responsibility to fight rebels.” On one hand, there was no killing of citizens, on the other hand, there was killing of rebels. One can assume the rebels killed were citizens. As far as Bashir is concerned stories about hundreds of thousands of dead people in Darfur are the result of an “organized media campaign.” We await his next claim the media campaign was begun by the Jewish press.

The tragedy of the Muslim world is they are quick to denounce the Gaza invasion and the killing of 1,200 people by Israel forces, but slip into denial when a Muslim nation is accused of killing 300,000 people and raping thousands of women. The only “organized media campaign” is that of the Muslim media which refuses to describe the horror of Darfur.