Sudan Leader Dooms Thousands To Death!

Sudan leader Omar Hassan al-Bashir showed his defiance of the International Criminal Court warrant for his arrest by flying into the capital of Darfur to me met by cheering thousands of supporters who undoubtedly were rounded up to show they stood behind their president. His decision to expel some of the largest groups supplying aid to millions of refugees is bound to cause the death of thousands who are trapped in camps because they cannot return home. It is interesting that no prominent Muslim group has stepped up to denounce the actions of Bashir who threw out groups that were feeding and caring for Muslim people. The unwritten rule of Muslims is to denounce any Christian or Jew who commits an act they deem immoral, but to remain silent when Muslim leaders oppressive the innocent.

The assumption of al-Bashir’s action is undoubtedly a show of force since he does not believe any European power or the United States will take action against him. It is unfortunate that President Obama does not join with the European Union in declaring an air embargo of travel from Sudan until the aid organizations are allowed to return. Economic sanctions do not always work, but they might succeed in Sudan with relatively scant use of armed forces.

The bottom line is no one will really do anything to aid the oppressed people of Darfur.