Sudan Official-Only A Few People Died In Darfur!!

A Sudanese senior official, on a trip to Japan, claimed critics had completely exaggerated the situation in Darfur and that only a fraction of those claimed to have been killed really got killed. Sudanese presidential adviser, Nafie Ali Nafie, said “Our estimate is not more than 10,000… quite a difference number from 200,000. I dare say that the situation in Darfur is more than 95% stable and secure.” He indicated his government’s displeasure with attempts to link Chinese involvment in the Sudan with an Olympic boycott. “The West will not be happy with involvement of any Asian country in Africa, simply because the West would like to see Africa as their backyard.”

Sudan’s government routinely disputes figures from dozens of world bodies whose estimate of deaths in Darfur range from 200,000 up to over 400,000. One survey by the Center for International Justice found that 61% of those interviewed reported witnessing the killing of a family member. Perhaps, Mr. Nafie can explain the Janjaweed which spread terrorism throughout the Sudan and routinely rape and kill.