Sudan President Tortures Opponents

President Omar al-Bashir is visiting Chad even as the International Criminal Court has issued a criminal indictment accusing him of genocide. In the meantime, Amnesty International has issued a report, “Agent of Fear” which accuses the Sudan secret police, National Intelligence Security Service, of brutally suppressing opponents of the regime through arrest and harassment. Many newspapers receive daily visits from NISS agents offering advice as to what should be printed. According to Amnesty International, the NISS “rules Sudan by fear” and it has “critics of the government in constant fear of arrest, harassment or even worse.” AI documents examples of women who were beaten and raped while in custody of the security service. A doctor, who wrote an article that accused the government of condoning rape in Darfur found himself in prison where he was beaten.

Ironically, the Muslim world rises to fury when a cartoonist draws a cartoon, but silence is deafening when thousands of Muslims are killed by other Muslims. Where are Muslim clerics? Why aren’t they in the streets demanding restoration of rights to the people of Sudan?