Sudan Rebel Leader Charges Government Behind Attacks On UN Forces

A million people in Darfur are homeless and countless thousands dead, beaten or raped, but the world still is unable to compel Sudan’s Islamic government to take action for peace. Sudan rebel leader Abu Wahid al-Nur charged the recent attack on troops from the African Union in which ten were killed stemmed from actions by the Sudan government. Al-Nur believes the attack was sending a message to the United Nations not to dispatch a large force to the Sudan.”This was an attack by the Khartoum government and (allied janjaweed) militias to send a message to the international community not to send troops. But all Darfurs want the UN force to protect them.” He also claimed planes from the Sudan government recently bombed and destroyed a village. Al-Nur said he would refuse to attend meetings until the UN finally sends in sufficient troops who can ensure peace and stability are established in the Sudan. A spokesperson for the British Foreign Office said: “We always knew we were going into a hostile environment.”

Months and years have passed while the killings go on in Darfur while the world talks and debates and raises money to care for people. From the beginning it was clear the government of the Sudan was behind the janjaweed and attacks on innocent people. The wold uttered a few words of protest, but China and other nations felt they could not upset the Sudan government because it would interfere with getting their oil. There will be no change in what is happening in Darfur until a powerful UN force supported by an air force are on the ground and ready to fight. The Sudan government must be shown reality that further attacks on civilians will be met by armed forces.