Sudan Refugees In Limbo After Israel Kicks Them Out!

A few thousand refugees made their way out of the horror of the Sudan to find work and safety in Israel where they work in jobs that most Israelis don’t want to handle. The Israel government deported many of these people last August and they are now caught either in the limbo of Egyptian jails or, in some cases, back in the Sudan where the government now considers them to be “Zionist spies.” The UN High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) is concerned because they don’t have full access to refugees in the Egyptian detention centers and “there are unconfirmed reports that five or six of the Sudanese refugees who wee deported from Israel were involuntarily returned to Sudan without any proper review process by the UNHCR.” Israel, which deported the refugees, blames Egypt for the situation.

Is there something wrong with this picture? Refugees being deported from Israel — a nation which historically offered open arms to any and all Jews seeking refuge within its borders? How can a few thousand suffering people escaping the madness of the Sudan threaten anything in Israel? They work at the dirty jobs Israelis don’t want, they work for low wages, and they certainly don’t pose any threat to the Jewish nature of Israel. The deportation of Sudan refugees casts a blot on the reputation of Israel as a nation dedicated to the right of refugees to obtain asylum. Shame on Israel!