Sudan Reveals It Doesn’t Tolerate Christians

For over forty years dark skinned people in southern Sudan who are Christians have attempted to live in equality and peace with their northern neighbors who are lighter skinned and Muslim. After nonstop brutality toward Christians as well as the brutality in Darfur when light skinned Muslim Arabs murdered, raped and pillaged villages containing dark skinned Muslims, it is clear that Sudan does not seek peaceful relations with those of differing faiths. The Comprehensive Peace Agreement signed in 2005 called for a referendum in January which will allow those of the South to declare for independence or a continued life with the North. President Omar Al-Bashir made clear he expected the South to secede. “If South Sudan secedes, we will change the Constitution. There will be no question of cultural or ethnic diversity. Sharia will be the only source of the Constitution, and Arabic the only official language.”

Underneath these words is a man who never intended to seek a united nation in which cultural and religious diversity was recognized. He always wanted a Sharia based society, and that is what northern Sudan will become. We feel sorry for those who are not Muslim and currently living in North Sudan.