Sudan Seeks To Chair African Union

The government of the Sudan is making its third attempt to chair the African Union and has indicated it will be upset if this third bid is denied. Its previous attempts were thwarted due to concerns over its human rights record of encouraging death and destruction in Darfur. A Sudan official commented: “It is obviously our turn to chair the AU. The situation in Darfur has improved so there are no more obstalces to that.”

Perhaps, the improvement to which the Sudan official refers is that janjaweed murderers are running out of people to murder since they have driven over 2.5 million out of Darfur. The African Union has ignored the disaster in Zimbabwe, it has done relatively little to handle the blatant stealing of an election in Kenya, so chances are at some point it will accept the thugs from the Sudan as its chair. A Sudan chair of the African Union sends a message to all Africans fighting for human rights– the wrong message.