Sudan Woman Fights For All Muslim Women!

Lubna Hussein is among the bravest women in the world because she will not retreat one inch in the fight for human rights for all women in the world. She was among a group of thirteen women who went for a drink and attired themselves in trousers. The police pounced on the scene of this blatant criminal activity and arrested the women. Ten agreed to plead guilty of the heinous crime of wearing trousers, paid a fine and received a few blows from a can.

Lubna told authorities she would not apologize because she did not break any laws. After threatening her with flogging a judge fined her $200. She smiled and refused to obey his decision. “I will not pay a penny. I won’t pay as a matter of principle. I would spend a month in jail. It is a chance to study the conditions of jails.” Ms. Hussein intends to carry this fight to the highest judiciary body in the Sudan.

Lubna Hussein is the perfect candidate for this year’s Nobel Peace Prize. Awarding her the prize would send a message to those men int he Muslim world he regard women as inferiors.