Stories are circulating all over the Internet about the alleged sex parties held by Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, but it is extremely difficult to find such stories in leading Italian newspapers due to fear that Italian billionaire will institute legal action against anyone who dares challenges his sexual virginity. Those who know Mr. Berlusconi are confident once the truth is out, the world will know that he is a virgin and never consorts with women, let alone prostitutes. However, over 300,000 Italians disagreed with this view and marched through the streets of Rome wearing T-shirts that said: SUE ME TOO. Silvio owns three of Italy’s seven free TV channels and has control over newspapers and magazines.

I guess we are left to choose between two stories about the man. There are rumors that he has held parties at which prostitutes were present, and there are stories that he abstains from sex except with one of his wives and there are stories the man is just a virgin. Choose which one you desire and hopefully, you will not be sued.