Suffer College Students!

The economic crisis will eventually be resolved in England because the Conservative government of David Cameron has identified the root cause of a decline in money– the college students of Great Britain. His government issued a new budget dealing with the cost of going to college in the country and funding will be reduced by nearly $2 Billion in order to reduce government expenses. It is all rather simple, cut down on the national government paying for the cost of going to college and this will provide an opportunity for those who REALLY want a college education to secure part time jobs and pay the freight all by themselves. Of course, some radicals might argue those who come from poorer families will suffer, but that is always the claim of shiftless, lazy people who fail to earn a few hundred thousand pounds. All but five universities will witness a dramatic reduction in government funding. Of course, those universities engaged in research who can bring in money, will not be as severely impacted. An interesting figure is how the largest cuts in payment will go toward those who attend universities focusing on teacher education. After all, who the hell cares about teachers these days.

Les Ebden, an expert on higher education funding, noted; ‘The final result is that the wealthiest universities with the most socially exclusive profiles will retain more public funding.” What else is new in a capitalist society? Those with will always get the most.