Suffer Little Children, But We Need Drugs

Every so often the madness that is drugs shoves a fist into one’s face because it becomes clear those who use drugs are not the only ones suffering because of addictions. A fourteen year old boy, known simply as, “El Ponchis” told Mexican authorities of how he was recruited by drug lords and compelled to perform murders and torture on humans. He was arrested with his teen age sister at an airport. Apparently, he became a hired killer about age ten, and as he told authorities: “I participated in four executions, but I did it drugged and under threat that if I didn’t they would kill me.” His voice in describing crimes in which he beheaded people was calm, sort of matter-of-fact and absent any sign of remorse at what he did in life. the boy was born in America and sent back to Mexico to live with grandparents when he was seized by drug lords. Together with his sister, they worked for Julio “El Negro” Padilla who was involved in a drug war against other gangs.

The boy’s sister described being part of a girl’s gang that was responsible for dumping dead bodies. According to the boy, “when we don’t find the rivals, we kill innocent people, maybe a construction worker or a taxi cab driver.” They are lost children of our refusal to legalize drugs and end drug wars. They are victims who kill the innocent, but those responsible in Washington D.C. will never see the inside of a jail despite their refusal to bring peace to the minds of children.