Suffer The Children

Acts of violence in Israel that were caused by actions of Islamic terrorist groups have declined over the past five years. Of course, during the same time period the government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has refused to cooperate with Secretary of State John Kerry in order to attain a peace accord with Palestinian leader, President Abbas. Deadlock remains the operating word for relations between Palestine and Israel. Frankly, it was simply a matter of time before the innocent wound up becoming the source of violence. Three Israel youth who were hitch hiking on the West Bank and headed back to a Jewish settlement area were kidnapped by some unknown terrorists. Prime Minister Netanyahu blames Hamas and has rounded up over a hundred Palestinians in order to discover the identity of the kidnappers.

This is a horrible act against innocent children. There are NO excuses for using children as the target of violence. Of course, this includes violence against Palestinian children. One act of evil does not justify another act of evil. One cannot argue that since Israel military has used violent tactics against innocent Palestinians it justifies kidnapping innocent children. The issue is clear:

1. Israel and Palestine must reach an agreement which restricts expansion of settlements on the West Bank.
2. Hamas has agreed to join the Palestinian government. One can assume, therefore, that any agreement reached between Israel and Palestine would be honored by Hamas.
3. The primary task of dealing with terrorist groups must fall under the jurisdiction of an independent Palestinian government that includes Hamas.

It is time to employ common sense, resolve problems,and cease endangering the lives of innocent children–Jewish and Palestinians.