Suffer The Children In Afghanistan

I confess to not understanding modern people in all parts of the world. I was raised to think that religion was concerned about protecting children as they struggled through the dark corridors of the path toward adulthood. Here in America, Republican Congressmen and Fox News pundits proclaim that if children are poor it is all THEIR FAULT for having lazy parents. Bill O’Reilly, the tough guy, rants about “welfare bums” who should cease getting “welfare handouts” because government handouts only go to the children of our wealthy folk. Over in Afghanistan is a group known as the Taliban. They believe devoutedly in the Koran and insist they are doing what the Prophet sought in ancient times. I agree with them the Prophet, Mohammad, cared about children and worked to ensure they had healthy lives. Every great religious leader shares those same values. So, how does a Muslim explain the following tale of madness?

A ten year old Afghan girl named Spogami had a brother named Zahir who was a Taliban commander. You know, the Taliban who claim to be fundamentalist Muslims. Zahir accused his ten year old sister of “illicit relations” with police officers. The “illicit” relation part was never clarified. He placed a suicide vest on around the body of his sister, gave her some verses from the Koran and told her to blow herself up and kill police officers. The verses would protect her from the blast. They headed for the police, Spogami was cold and began to cry. The brave Taliban commander became frightened and fled the scene. Police found the crying child and removed the suicide vest.

Such was another day in the land of Afghanistan. Such was another day in the life of a child in Afghanistan.