Suffer The Little Children!

The nine year old Pakistani girl, dressed in her blue school uniform and wearing a white headscarf was walking down the street in order to arrive on time. Suddenly, a car drove up, two men exited and pushed her in the van. She found herself in a strange house where men and women informed the girl that she was going to become a suicide bomber and die for Allah. They outfitted her with a suicide vest, showed her how to push the button, placed her in a car and drove toward a police checkpoint. At that moment, they decided to get a bigger bang so they began placing another suicide vest on her body. This brave child, opened the car door, dashed out and shouted to the police that a suicide attempt was in process. Fortunately, the police came to her rescue as the car drove off.

This is rather an unusual story since it is not common to use such young school children as suicide bombers. My question is: will there be crowds gathering in Pakistan to protest al-Qaeda or the Taliban for using their children as weapons of destruction? Frankly, I doubt if those who are ready to kill because someone printed a cartoon strip are equally upset at their children becoming pawns in the battle of death.