Suffer The Young Girls

UN Secretary  General, Ban Ki-moon raised an important world issue, one that will not ordinarily be discussed when world leaders gather together. He discussed the plight of young girls who are trapped in societies that deem them to be mainly  useful by being married off to someone and thus out of the house and no  longer a financial liability. The Secretary General noted that globally one in three young women, aged 20-24 were  married before the age of 18. These 70 million women were denied the right to explore what life offers because they were quickly compelled to produce babies and work for a husband.

It is estimated that by the next decade this figure will grow to over a 150,000,000. There is no doubt a high percent of these women will be living in a Muslim society or somewhere in Africa. They are doomed to ignorance and hard work and catering to the desires of their husband.

Gee, I wonder if we could send Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann to such a life. Of course, they could telephone God to intervene.