Suge II Proposed For Afghanistan By Think Tank

The American Enterprise Institute, a conservative think tank, is urging adaptation of the surge notion as a remedy for dealing with problems in Afghanistan. Resident scholar Fred Kagan said the AEI study was not initiated by the Bush administration even though the think tank has close working relations with many Republican leadeers. The AEI group is concerned about continuing Taliban growth in power and control over many areas in Afghanistan. Among recommendations of the group were:
* Deploy an extra brigade into Khandahar and a Marine batalion into Helmand.
* Deploy an extra 3,000 Marines into Afghanistan.
* Accelerate development of an Afghan armed force.
* Construct more forward bases.

The Planning Group also had recommendations for Pakistan:

* Threaten the Pakistanis with unilateral strikes into Pakistani territory unless more effective action is taken against militants.
* Make US aid dependent upon changes in Pakistan’s military strategy.

Bush oriented policy groups have a wonderful way of recommending invading nations or conducting air strikes into an ally’s territory without any fear such action might upset your ally. They have an unbiding belief the United States can attack whomever it desires and that other nations must accept American advice or else. It is planning done by the AEI and other such groups that got America bogged down in Iraq fighting a war about non-existent WMd.