Suicide Bomber Kills 90 In Afghanistan Horror

A delegation of members of the Afghanistan parliament were visiting some local areas when a suicide bomber approached the group, stood by children and blew himself up. In the ensuing chaos 90 died and dozens were wounded. A local resident, Mohammed Rahim described the scene: “I saw bodies lying in the streets and some of the people were stealing the weapons of soldiers. Children were screaming for help. It’s like a nightmare.” The Taliban denied responsibility for the attack, but apparently the Afghanistan Taliban may not be completely under the control of a central command and most probably a local contingent of the terrorist organization committed the act.

The people of Afghanistan welcomed the end of Taliban rule in 2001, but George Bush decided to shift attention from the immediate need to establish law and order in the country and to completely wipe out the Taliban. Instead, he diverted troops and supplies to the mad adventure in Iraq. Afghanistan is suffering from the legacy of this mad man who is capable of initiating war, but lacks any comprehension as to what to do once a war has begun. One can also wonder how a Muslim man can justify standing by a group of Muslim children and killing them in the name of a cause. Who are these suicide bombers who kill their own people?