Suicide Bomber Kills Poor People

A crowd of about 300 people in the town of Barjur in Pakistan had gathered in order to receive some food and other basic necessities at a distribution center. The woman clad in a burqa walked slowly to the group. Her steps were slow in pace, she had a quiet smile of resignation on her face and eyes glowed with a certainty she had never before known. Police halted her and asked some basic questions, for a moment a sign of panic could be seen in her eyes and her words stumbled out in confusion. A policeman asked for identify, a hand went under the burqa, and suddenly she broke away and ran toward the people clustered around those giving out food. From underneath the burqa came a hand which lobbed grenades at the crowd and then bullets from the police whistled past her head. The hand once again went under the burqa, it fiddled for a second with a wire, and then yanked. Her body exploded sending pieces of lead toward the poor people waiting for food. Within moments, over three dozen were dead and a 100 wounded. Body parts were strewn lay on the ground and voices of wounded could be heard.

No one knows her name. She killed dozens of poor people because they were gathered to receive food from a hated Western agency. One is left with the question as to why the Taliban and al-Qaeda, who claim to love the Prophet Muhammed believe it was his desire for poor people to die while wealthy people rarely do? Who are these suicide bombers whose targets are more often than not poor people?