Suicide Bombers And Death Continue In Iraq

It was just another woman who was visiting a shrine at which there were many pilgrims from Iran who had come to pay homage. The women reached the check point, and then detonated her belt so she was blown to pieces along with about 36 innocent men, women and children who were taking part in Muharram ceremonies at the mausoleum of Immam Musa al-Kadhim, who was a key Shiite religious figure. Iran’s foreign ministry condemned the “terrorist and inhuman attack” and, naturally, blamed occupation forces for being derelict in maintaining security to prevent such deaths. Despite the tragedy, pilgrims continued their participation in the religious ceremony.

This attack took place two days after a male suicide bomber killed 232 people and wounded 72 at a tribal meeting just south of Baghdad. Unfortunately, Iranian leaders see nothing wrong with supplying terrorists to fire rockets or blow themselves up when the object are Jews or “crusaders.” Once the horror of terrorism is allowed to flourish it eventually devours those who created the terror.