Suicide Bombers In Pakistan -Who Is Behind Bombing?

Two suicide bombers blew themselves up outside the gates of an important army munitions factory resulting in the death of about 70 innocent workers and injuries to dozens more. The Taliban immediately claimed credit for the bombing and according to its spokesman, Maulvi Omar, the bombing was in response to recent military actions in tribal areas of the northwest. Virtually, all of those killed were civilian workers and there are no reports of military personnel being among the dead. The incident raises many questions. The factory supposedly was located in a high security area, but two suicide bombers somehow walked through this tight security area and came right up to the gates where they blew themselves up as workers were leaving their shift. It is difficult to imagine two strangers walking calmly through a high security area loaded with bombs without someone checking their identity of at least searching them.

There have been many reports about Pakistan’s notorious Intelligence Service which has worked with terrorists for years. Reports from Pakistan indicate Pakistan People’s Party co-chair, Asif Ali Zardari will become the new president. Perhaps, his first action would be to conduct extensive investigations into Pakistan Intelligence and any connection they might have with suicide bombers.