Suicide Bombing In Kabul

It was just another Toyota car weaving its way through the streets of Kabul. The driver was halted a few times, he smiled, waved and moved on. The driver entered an area in which there were many German soldiers as well as American. He saw a car that had several Germans and headed toward it, but was blocked. He saw some Afghan soldiers moving toward him, reached to his chest, pulled the wire and was blown up along with four Afghan soldiers. He did manage to wound six American soldiers. It was just another day in the world of Afghanistan Taliban militants whose goal is chaos and destruction.

The United States, including those in the incoming Obama administration believe the solution is an additional 30,000 soldiers in Afghanistan. There will be no changes in the corrupt Afghanistan government which increasingly has lost support among the average people of the war torn nation, just more troops, and then more troops. Does more mean better is the real question? Does Obama have a new strategy or is his warmed over Bushism one more time?