Suicide Is Serious Matter For Vets!

American troops are in the process of standing down from Iraq, but the legacy of what those brave men and women endured due  to the crimes of Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld will not readily pass away from those who bore he brunt of combat. A new report, ‘Losing the Battle: The Challenge of Military Sucide” paints a grim picture regarding what is happening every day in America. It warns that greater effort must be made to prevent those who leave the service from harming themselves after battle field harm is over.

Many vets enjoy the comradeship of buddies in combat, but once home that support is no longer available. The report emphasizes the importance of: making certain medical information is shared; encourage troops to freely discuss emotional issues in their lives, remove the stigma associated with admitting combat stress, and focus on preventive actions for those who are close to suicide.

There are men and women who are high risk and they need help immediately and long term. Unfortunately, we lack solid data as to the  number of members of the military who contemplate or discuss suicide. They live in lonely parts of their minds and the end result may well be death.