Suicide Knows No Gender Claim Muslim Women

Muslim extremist women are challenging al-Qaida’s refusal to include or at least acknowledge women have played in the suicide bombing program. In a response to a female questioner, Ayman Al-Zawahri said in April the only role for women is caring for homes and children of al-Qaida fighters. There is some confusion about his comment since women have been involved in several suicide bombing efforts in Iraq. A woman, using the name Rabeebat Al-Silah,(Companion of Weapons)commented on the Internet that after listening to his comments “my heart was about to explode in my chest. I am powerless.” Her views apparently reflects those of Muslim women who feel a strong commitment to fight with al-Qaida and welcome the chance to die in the service of something higher than their own lives.

A woman, Umm Farouq or mother of Farouq wrote on the Internet; ” I use my pen and wrods, my honest emotions, Jihad is not exclusive to men.” There is no way to know what percent of Muslim women share these views which welcome death in the cause of al-Qaida. Throughout history there have always been men and women ready to die in a noble cause. Perhaps, some of these women ignore the other noble cause — creating free and vibrant Muslim societies in which people of all faiths work together in peace and harmony.