Suicides Or Torture Deaths In Guantanamo Prison?

Three prisoners died in June, 2006 in the infamous Guantanamo prison, and, according to official American sources they were part of a suicide plan to embarrass the United States. An article appearing in Harper’s magazine this March offers a different version as to the deaths of two Saudi and one Yemen prisoner. The Navy claims the men were engaged in an act of “asymetrical warfare” although the magazine article raises questions as to how an individual can bind his hands, his feet, stuff rags deep down his throat and then jump off a washbasin and hang himself. The Harper’s reporter talked with guards who said their suicides did not take place in their own cells, but in another building where they were being interrogated.

The Pentagon insists, there is “no evidence of wrongdoing” although a reporter was told by guards they were instructed by their superior officers to tell the world the men died in their own cells. As Shakespeare would put it, something smells wrong about this story of suicides. Given the history of the Bush administration handling of prisoners, why should anyone believe the official Navy story?