Suicides Rise Among National Guard/Reserves

The Army released figures today which indicate a rise among suicides for those serving in National Guard or Army Reserve units even as the suicide rate for those in regular Army units had declined. Even more puzzling was the rise occurred in National Guard and Army Reserve units that had not gone overseas to serve in front line units. No study has yet to be undertaken in order to determine why suicides are rising in these units. Some believe men and women in the National Guard or Army Reserves are more sensitive about rising unemployment, pressure at home due to inability to handle mortgages or the pressure of economics on daily lives. There is also concern at the inability of the armed forces to offer sufficient suicide prevention programs for those not serving overseas.

It is ironic that Congressional Republicans are against programs that might provide jobs or deal with needs of those in the labor market unable to find work. It is just those type of workers who might be members of National Guard or Army Reserve units. Republicans are more worried about wealthy people receiving tax cuts than those who serve receiving job aid.