Sun Tanned Obama A Red Said Berlusconi!

Former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi was not only the wealthiest man in his nation, but he apparently had similar views on America as found among many wealthy folk in this country. A prostitute described the famous “bunga, bunga” parties where scantily dressed gorgeous young females cavorted and offered their bodies to the men who were invited by the head of Italy’s government.

She was asked to dress in a manner that Berlusconi thought was similar to Obama  because Silvio thought that not only was Obama “sun tanned” but he was a closet communist. Silvio claims the soirees were simply a bunch of the guys getting together, but women who attended them claim they were  given money for sex.

The good news is that Berlusconi thought Obama was a commie, but there is no evidence he regarded the black man as a Muslim.