Sunni Iraqi Women Take Over Family Burden

A persistent failure on the part of the Iraqi government is their treatment of the Sunni minority. During Saddam Hussein’s rule, his fellow Sunni enjoyed many privileges and were awarded jobs and power before those from the majority Shiite population. Now, the tables have been turned and Shiites rule. It is extremely difficult for Sunni men who once had well paying jobs to secure even a low paying job in the world of Shiite ruled Iraq. As one woman commented; “there are no jobs for men. I have four sons and not one of them has a job. they have nothing, no job and no opportunity to join the military.” Instead, women clad in black robes are tilling the fields with their young daughters while men sit around drinking tea and recalling the old days of power.

One can only wonder how long these young men will sit around cafes before they once again take up arms to fight the hated Iraq government. Once American soldiers are gone, then it is between Sunni and Shiite and we can expect considerable violence to occur.