Super John To Rescue

There is finally great news from Syria, our intrepid hero, one John McCain, was seen in the mountains of Syria where he went in order to ensure victory in the war against the evil dictator, President Bashar al-Assad. Senator McCain has a program which the Obama administration must adopt if it truly is serious about aiding those in rebellion against the evil dictator. According to John, it is quite easy to distinguish the good rebels from the bad rebels which means President Obama should be sending weapons of mass or little destruction to those who are the good guys.

Of course, John McCain was a brave pilot during the Vietnam war who withstood torture and brutality from the enemy. Of course, his plane was shot down rather quickly and thus he DOES know what the enemy looks like. As I recall, Senator McCain fought for weapons of destruction to those who opposed the dictator who was known as Gaddafi and look what happened in his country. Libya is now a basket case as rival groups fight one another for control.

John, the  good guys who took over Libya drove out the bad guys who went to Chad and threw that nation into turmoil. Perhaps, it is time for you to put on the uniform once again.