Support Immigrants -Now!

There is something bizarre with the story of those seeking to enter the United States as immigrants as well as those who came as children and spent their entire lives as Americans being told to go home. America was founded by immigrants-that includes Indians who migrated from Siberia–threatening the latest group of immigrants with deportation. My uncle wasa an illegal immmigrant from Germany, and it is impossible to know how many hundreds of thousands illegally entered the United States during the 19th and early years of the 20th centuries. A group of young immigratoin reform activists known as the “Dream Nine” were released from custody after entering the US and demanding to be arrested. They have spent their lives as Americans since they arrived as children and want the right to cross the border and visit relatives in Mexico without being denied the right to return to their homes in America.

Under the “soft regime” of Barack Obama more than three times the number of immigrants have been sent back to Mexico as during the presidency of George Bush! Obama has been the most anti-immigrant president in American history! But, Republicans who never complained during the administrations of Reagan and Bush have suddenly discovered a cause-when a Democrat is president.

Immigration from Mexico has already declined–without the walls and threats. Who wants to come to the US of 2013 with its high unemployment?? Not many Mexicans!