Supreme Court Blocks Anti Abortion Law

The issue of whether or not a woman is entitled to an abortion contains complex ideas concerning the nature of individual rights and the power of government. Those seeking to declare abortion as a violation of the rights of the unborn encounter the disconcerting issue as to the rights of an individual–woman. The United States Supreme Court refused to discuss a ruling by the 7th U.S. Court of Appeals which upheld a Judge’s decision that barred enforcement of a Wisconsin law that required a doctor to have admitting rights for his patients at local hospitals if he performed an abortion. This law, in effect, would close down many abortion clinics.

It is rather simple, hospitals refuse to grant admitting rights to doctors performing abortions which means, under the proposed law, they could not perform an abortion. I find bewildering conservative objections to the right of government to decide if I can carry a gun, or to pass health care laws, but, see no problem with denying women the right to control their body. Either conservatives believe government should stay out of telling people what they can do or they believe government can tell me what to do.